The pine straw store was founded to challenge the way we landscape our homes, our businesses, to challenge the way we get the materials to landscape, and to challenge the way the landscaping industry works and does business... we were founded to challenge the status quo...

Pine Straw is Mother Natures Mulch, it is comprised of pine needles that fall naturally to the ground throughout the year. We hand rake and hand bale our Pine Straw allowing us to produce the freshest and cleanest pine straw available. Pine Straw is used widely throughout the South Eastern United States

Pine Straw is the only natural, sustainable and organic mulch on the market today, Unlike wood mulch, there are no dyes or chemicals added to our Pine Straw and trees do not have to be cut down and ground up to produce it.

If you have ever spent all weekend, mulching your yard, the trips to the big box stores, lugging around 50 pound bags of mulch, only to have it all wash or blow away during the next big rain storm.


Pine Straw will not blow or float away, it provides superior weed protection compared to traditional mulches, and does not require a weed barrier to be installed beneath it. Order it here and have it delivered to your door when you need it.

Time is the biggest benefit of pine straw, using pine straw saves you time, it's quick and easy to install, there are fewer weeds in your gardens and you can rest assured that your pine straw will still be there at the end of the year. No more trips back and forth picking up mulch from the big box stores, we deliver pine straw straight to you.

Instead you can spend that time doing the things you want to do during those summer weekends. Spend time enjoying your yard, not working in it.