Does pine straw help control weeds?

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Yes. At a depth of about three inches, pine straw ground cover can be an effective method of weed control. The deeper the pine straw is applied, the better the weed control. One way that pine straw helps to control weeds is by blocking the light so that it does not get to the infant weeds and … [Read more...]

Where Can I Buy Pine Needle Mulch

Pine Needle Mulch

A potential customer of ours recently asked, "Where can I buy pine needle mulch" And that's a great question, as the vast majority of pine needle mulch is harvested in the South. Due to the fact that such a large amount of pine needle mulch originates in the deep South, this product is not readily … [Read more...]

Where do you deliver Pine Straw?

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We deliver our pine straw to the lower 48 States. If FedEx or UPS can deliver to your address, then we can get our pine straw to your door®. If you have questions about your area, just e-mail us and we will help you out. … [Read more...]

How often should pine straw be applied?

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If the straw is being used to protect plants and add to the soil, it should be applied annually. If it is being used for decorative purposes, it should be applied twice a year. Most of our customers put out their straw in the spring and again before the onset of winter. Always wear gloves when using … [Read more...]

Does pine straw help protect against the cold weather?

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Yes. Placing pine straw around the base of trees or other plants is very effective in protecting their root systems from the cold. If you are trying to protect a small tree, make a pine straw bed about three inches deep and two feet in diameter around its base. If you live in a very cold climate. … [Read more...]

How deep should a pine straw application be?

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Pine straw should be spread 2 - 3 inches deep on the ground surface. You will receive the pine straw from The Pine Straw Store® packed in boxes or on pallets, the pine straw should be taken from the boxes in handfuls and shaken over desired area so that it is distributed in a loose, fluffy manner. … [Read more...]

What plants or flowers grow well with pine straw?

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A wide variety of plants thrive with pine straw mulch, including azaleas, camellias, hostas, ferns, hydrangea, magnolias, coleus, rhododendrons, snapdragons, cineraria, bleeding heart, geranium, lily of the valley, rose of sharon, rhodies, hellebores, astilbe, strawberries, blueberries, and choke … [Read more...]